Dream Blanket
Summer 2020 
Gondola Wish Remote Viewing Platform

This piece was made as a project for the collaborative gallery platform Gondola Wish in the summer of 2020. It began as a stream of consciousness writing that poured out from the prior six months of processing and deep transformation in the space of global pandemic, quarantine, and social unrest.  A blanket is a place of protection, enclosure, and softness to hold the violent and necessary rhythms of our life and our dreams.  This work is a place for me to lay down the readings, the scribblings, the headlines, the horrors, the solitude, and the yearnings of this moment. 

For a number of years, my paintings have dealt with the braiding of physical and psychic factors that allow for our survival. There is knowledge, rational thought, food, and shelter and there is also our spirit, our imagination, our souls, our dreams.  I am now considering how survival may depend on our confronting the intersections between deeply personal and collective experiences. C.J. Jung wrote about an idea called the transcendent function; a process of moving between and uniting the conscious and the unconscious minds to achieve greater wholeness.

In our beds, we perform the rhythms of sleeping and waking, our eyes opening and closing, moving between a metaphoric death and rebirth.  In those rhythms, we reconcile the inner and the outer worlds. As we negotiate these dualities daily, maybe we are already aware that they, along with the personal and the universal, are always only one thing.

The wholeness of all things has never been so apparent. And so we must sleep, wake, and dream to achieve the fullness of our individual and collective minds, without which a better world may not be possible.