What Belongs To You Shall Come To You
Kates Little Angel
Los Angeles, CA
December 15 2019-January 26, 2020

Press Release 
The works presented in ‘What belongs to you shall come to you’ present a selection of a larger, ongoing body of colored pencil drawings.  These works are a response to living in Los Angeles, where there is a pervasive absence of ceremony and ritual.  In her drawing practice, the artist elevates and sanctifies the act of drinking tea and the process of drawing as a way of developing a personal set of customs and beliefs.  In the exhibition, the artist invites the viewer to sit before each drawing as a way to extend the space of restful pause that led to the creation of the works.  The short mantras that are printed on the small paper tabs attached to tea bags are used as collage material and titles of the drawings.  They both create a framework to explore wide-ranging subject matter and present a scenario in which a store-bought dictum presents an opportunity to create a deeply personal experience.